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Northern Beaches

Ezi-Jet Emergency plumbing & drain unblocking in Northern Beaches offers solutions for blocked drains and sewer overflows that can occur at any moment. These emergencies can be handled by our emergency plumbers in Sydney. When you have an emergency, our licensed Sydney plumbers will be there to provide you with fast, reliable and effective solutions. One of our friendly representatives will help you determine the best course of action to take to minimize damage to your home while you wait for a plumber. Read our reviews to find out why Sydney residents trust Ezi-Jet Plumbing Solutions for their plumbing emergencies.


Most common causes of blocked drains in Northern Beaches homes

Blocked drains can cause havoc on your walls and floors.

Blockages in drains are most commonly caused by everyday household waste, such as hair, tissue, grease, fat, food scraps, and other small items. These blockages are more common in areas with established trees, which have deep roots that can reach the underground pipes.


Blocked drains can have negative effects on your health and home.

It is important to fix blocked drains as soon as possible to prevent further damage and health problems for your family and yourself. Your home has the same mechanism and network of channels that a human body uses to efficiently remove waste.

These mechanisms can cause digestive problems, allergies, and colds in people who are not able to use them. The waste water froma our homes cannot flow out of our homes efficiently. This causes waste water to back up into your drinking supply, bacteria to grow, and dampness and swelling to the walls and foundations. This can lead to cracks in your walls and a loss of structural integrity.


These are the first signs you should be on the lookout for:

  • Scents of rotten eggs
  • Water draining too slowly
  • After flushing, the water from the toilet is being sucked back.


Types of blocked drains, and plumbers that can help you prevent them

Preventive measures are the best way to prevent blocked drains from ever happening. Let’s take a look at some of the most common blocked drains.


Toilet plumber blocked

Blockages can be caused by nappies, baby wipes and other bulky items that should be thrown out with the garbage. It is important to have a conversation with your family and other members of your household about the cost of clearing blocked toilets.


Blocked sink plumber

Blockages in the sinks can be caused by food scraps, oils and fats. It is better to dispose of fats and oils in a container and put them in the trash.


Plumbers who block laundry

Hair and detergent are common causes of blocked laundry drains. Over time, soap scum and hair build up from washing machines and other things that go down the drain and cause blockages. It is a good idea to clean the filter of the washing machine every so often.


Blocked shower plumber

Showers can become blocked by hair, soap, conditioner, and other products. You can’t avoid certain products but you can ensure that your drain is clear of hair to let other waste out.


Blocked stormwater plumber

Stormwater can block drains from diverting storm water away from your house by attracting tree roots, garden waste, dirt, and other rubbish. Tree roots can quickly grow from the smallest cracks in your pipes.

Stormwater can cause cracks in your walls and floors by settling on the foundations of your home. This can be prevented by making sure your gutters are cleaned every winter.





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